SHACMAN’s purpose has always been customer satisfaction from start to end. Through the establishment of research, efficiency, integrity and pragmatic service networks, SHACMAN has standardized quality service. We will continue to examine, in-depth, of our services, our customers, and the market to find new innovative service concepts, improve our service management. We will make sure that every one of our product and service suppliers, parts suppliers, parts distributors can join in to better serve our customers, we will stand side by side to continuously build our brand image, creating the gold standard in the heavy truck industry.

service of shaanxi heavy duty automobile co. ltd

Service Policy

Pre-sale Services

During this stage we provide customers with technical advice free of charge, including introduction of specifications, technical condition, scope of application, quality assurance and after sale services to our customers, providing quality services to assure that our costumers find the vehicles perfect for their needs.

After-Sale Services

From when our customers first pick up their brand new vehicles, our vehicles transport staff will make sure the vehicle is in perfect conditions as well as wash the vehicles, our finance staff will assist our customers with their provisional license and other formalities and our qualified technicians will explain the uses of various operation devices to our customers. Our fast and convenient services here at SHACMAN will ensure that the experiences our customers have will be a pleasant one.

We provide 24/7 service support hotline and additional day/night emergency repair services.

For customers who have purchased more than 30 units at a time, we will send our knowledgeable staffs with the customer’s vehicles for one month of maintenance services as well as teaching of vehicle operations.

From just a click of the mouse, our customers can quickly and efficiently benefit from our online services

including technical consulting and service.

Spare Parts

We have established 4 overseas subsidiaries, 36 overseas offices, 24 overseas 4S shops and 330 overseas service stations. The parts warehouses are distributed in the main sales areas. so as to become a multinational automotive products manufacturing and service provider.

We set up our Special Spare parts departments to provide professional service of the parts.